improve sales numbers through business acumen

Why Do Salespeople Need Business Acumen?

Business acumen in sales is crucial to your team’s ability to create or win new lead opportunities. Customers are looking for more than data; no matter what the product or service, modern customers want a company or a team who they trust enough to rely on. Discover the right balance between business and sales acumen with Elevate consulting.

Balancing Business and Sales Acumen

As a salesperson and a sales manager, you’re used to firms and consultants throwing buzzwords around without concrete tactics or techniques to help your team achieve success in sales. Chances are, your dream clients demand more than just a salesperson who’s memorized a few script lines or product facts.

Simply put, training your sales team to stick to reciting facts about less valuable than a website or even a well-executed video. Instead, you should strive to improve business acumen as well as sales techniques that empower your team to become the trusted advisors your clients need.

What is the difference between business acumen and sales acumen?

By its simplest definition, business acumen, or ‘business sense’ refers to an individual’s understanding and command of the fundamentals of business. In practice, those seen as having ‘a head for business’ can leverage their knowledge and expertise to:

  • Obtain essential information about a situation
  • Hone in on key objectives
  • Recognize potential and appropriate solutions
  • Select the necessary course of action
  • Set an implementation plan in motion

Sales acumen refers to a salesperson’s understanding of their prospects and their ability to recognize how best to approach a potential new lead or sale. In practice, sales acumen is expressed in the relationships your sales teams builds—both with each other and with clients.

3 skill sets your team should invest in to Elevate sales acumen

  1. Relationship and rapport building.
  2. Empathizing with your client’s needs.
  3. Understanding when a ‘No’ is a ‘Not Yet.’

Understanding the difference between business acumen and sales acumen is just as important as prioritizing both as you build your business and your sales team. Transparency and prioritization of your organizational goals is an excellent way to connect your sales team to your firm’s functional progress while improving their business acumen organically.

Elevate Your Firm’s Business Acumen through Sales Success

If you aren’t quite sure where to start fostering business acumen in sales, you may want to consider working with a consultative seller experienced at fine-tuning organizations at every level, like Elevate Consulting. Connect with our firm to learn more about our avant-garde approach to sales training and business.