Our Process

As most businesses know, the modern consumer is a tough nut to crack. As we move toward an increasingly digital economy, companies and brands face the challenge of authentically connecting with an audience that is savvier—and more demanding—than ever. By using the needs of your audience as a guide, Elevate Consulting’s consultative selling approach is designed to help your team Elevate their engagement and their sales numbers.

Boost Your Bottom Line by Elevating Your Sales Approach

Staying competitive in a modern business environment means that business owners must be cognizant of how their services or products fit into their audience’s world. Consultative selling is an approach to sales that focuses on the needs of your audience as opposed to more traditional ‘hard-sell’ tactics.

Also called ‘Needs-Based Selling,’ consultative selling is an essential skill, not just for salespeople but any business endeavor influenced by interpersonal dynamics.

By using team building and relationship building workshops and exercises informed by cognitive behavioral therapy, Elevate Consulting will help you and your sales team ‘get back to BASICs.’ From one on one sales coaching to sales training workshops and sales performance management, our team of experts is ready to teach you the BASICs when it comes to developing consultative selling skills:

Have you mastered the BASICs of sales?

  • Build trust and connect
  • Assess the current situation
  • Strategize a way to approach the situation
  • Implement a strategy
  • Check for effectiveness

Whether you’re looking for workshop training programs or are in need of an internal cultural overhaul, Elevate can help you begin the crucial process of engaging in a meaningful dialogue—not just with your potential customers, but with the members of your sales team.

How do your sales team and customers benefit from consultative selling?

By inviting your team to connect with its own needs in addition to the needs of your customers, we can help your organization access the interpersonal skills they need to engage efficiently in customer-focused interactions that:

  1. Establish and build trust
  2. Allow for authentic engagement and a depth of understanding
  3. Pave the way for your firm to match your product or service with your customer’s needs

Master Sales Performance Management with Our Consultative Selling Team

As experts in the fields of business management, sales, and psychology, our consultative approach to selling is backed by science and real-world results. Whether you’re looking for one on one sales training or sales management workshops for your entire company, Elevate your business by choosing Elevate Consulting.