Consultative Selling

People didn’t start tossing around the term ‘consultative selling’ until the 1970s. However, the techniques mastered by the best consultative sellers have been used perennially in business and sales. The focus of our approach is to build trust through active listening and unconditional positive regard.

Why Savvy Business Owners Work with Consultative Sellers

As experts in sales management and performance, our team can provide the bird’s eye view your business needs to reach its next level of success. By applying our field experience and expertise to your sales department, Elevate Consulting will work with you to develop personalized solutions to your business’s challenges and a clear path toward boosted sales and better connections.

How consultative selling skills can boost your sales performance

The average consumer has the power to instantly access information about products, services, and the companies that provide them; that means connecting with customers through traditional means is more challenging than ever.

Our approach helps you diagnose and address your team’s performance challenges while improving morale and reigniting the passion needed to propel a successful sales force.

By working with your team through workshops and one on one sales training, our strategy can lead to:

  • Improved conversion rates: When it comes to decision making, research has shown time and again that, no matter their ability to access data, emotions rule over logic in sales and decision making. In fact, according to the Carnegie Foundation, 85% of decisions are emotional. Our empathy-based training will radically improve the ability of your sales team to connect with themselves and their potential customers.
  • Shorter sales cycles: Our consultative approach to selling and outsider perspective are what you need to recognize the current and potential areas for growth. We focus on a strategy informed by empathy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the most effective sales training techniques when it comes to the modern customer.
  • Gain distinction as a seller in a buyers world: As you already know, the modern customer likes to buy in as opposed to being sold. By mastering Elevate Consulting’s approach, your entire team will not only improve conversion but begin the path to establish long-term customer loyalty.

Help Your Customers Buy-In with Elevate Consulting

Curious about how our team can help your business improve and grow? Our consultative sales methodology is designed to improve the skills of any sales person. Connect with Elevate Consulting to learn more during your free consultation.