elevate your sales by improving emotional intelligence

Why Improving Emotional Intelligence Is Essential to Improving Performance

Research has proven that customer satisfaction and future sales are based on the emotional connection a consumer feels with the salesperson. However, before you can engage authentically with your clients, you must first identify what your motivations are and how they influence your relationship with your customers. Do you know why emotional intelligence is one of the most influential factors in sales success today?

Emotional Intelligence and Your Sales Success in 2018

Unfortunately, simply wanting to connect with potential buyers or clients isn’t enough. Poor sales performance can plague even the most experienced salespeople. Often, poor performance is linked to the inability to manage emotions, especially during difficult moments. Working with a consultative seller can help you develop the skills need to cultivate an emotionally intelligent sales team.

Forming authentic connections is a fundamental factor in sales success

Did you know that a customer that likes you is 12 times more likely to continue making purchases through you?  In a sales landscape that is increasingly digital, salespeople nevertheless need to master ‘high-concept’ and ‘high-touch’ skills to be successful today.

According to Gallup researchers, specific critical thinking (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) skills are essential to success in sales, calling a lack of either skill set ‘“disastrous.”

  • High-concept skills include the ability of an agent to synthesize data, recognizing patterns and trends, and synthesizing these into an effective, dynamic, and creative solutions.
  • High-touch skills are related to skills rooted in emotional intelligence like relationship building, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Both sets of skills are vital because of the information overload that salespeople or their prospects must sift through. As an experienced sales agent, your clients don’t always have the time or capacity to sift through what information is relevant, what information is irrelevant, and how to best refine the remaining data, so it’s actionable.

Put Selling Skills to Work for You

Your ability to identify, assess and mediate your emotions and those of your clients has a direct impact on your sales. Our proven, consultative selling approach to selling is rooted in emotional intelligence in sales—are you ready to Elevate your future?