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How to Improve Employee Productivity Instead of Forcing It

Tackling the topic of how to boost, grow, or improve employee productivity is a challenge facing most business leaders. Research has shown that a firm with motivated, engaged, and proactive sales teams are more productive than teams coping with issues like apathy, lack of motivation, or toxic corporate cultures. Learn more about factors that increase employee productivity with Elevate Consulting and how to boost employee productivity through workshop training.

How to Increase Employee Productivity in the Workplace

Business leaders and researchers have been inspecting the role of emotional intelligence (EI) in performance and whether these skills improve employee productivity. As a manager, you know that when your employees feel engaged with their work and their goals, they contribute more. Research indicates that emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining productive sales environments.

Understand the role of emotional intelligence

  • Research has shown that emotional intelligence increases individual job performance and improves employee productivity.
  • Effectively implemented emotional intelligence skills drive better customer experiences and relationships.
  • Emotional intelligence promotes greater commercial success and boosts sales.
  • When a manager or organization harnesses emotional intelligence in operations, staff retention is increased.
  • Leaders who are emotionally intelligent are shown to drive employee engagement and performance.

Limit recruitment costs by investing in sales training workshops in 2018

In addition to being more productive, employees with high emotional intelligence are consistently able to generate better results while keeping retention costs low by staying with healthy organizations for longer. One of the most effective ways for sales leaders and managers to strengthen the EQ skills of your team is through group exercises or sales training workshops designed to enhance your team’s emotional intelligence.

Sales training workshops that involve improving employee productivity and EQ include:

  • Self-esteem exercises
  • Trust building exercises
  • Self-awareness exercises
  • Feedback exercises
  • Crowd control exercises
  • Leadership exercises

Investing in sales management training is also a smart move for managers looking to boost their own EQ. Because your team’s needs are unique to your organization, you might consider hiring a consultative seller or performance management agency to facilitate sales workshop activities or even give you sales workshop ideas to implement on your own.

Boost Your Bottom Line by Elevating Your EQ

When you’re successfully motivating employees, the success of your organization is inevitable.

Improve employee productivity with sales training workshops designed with EQ in mind by working with Elevate Consulting.