Meet the Team

Our team of consulting professionals knows how essential an outside perspective can be, especially when it comes to recognizing internal opportunities for growth and way to enhance your team’s sales performance. At Elevate Consulting, our team of consultative agents works collaboratively with you to ensure a partnership that is a positive as it is productive. Meet our team of experts.

Elevate the Way Your Firm Operates by Trusting Our Experts


As an Illinois native, Mark branched out to Las Vegas to start his career after completing his Bachelor’s in Business Management with a focus in Entrepreneurship & Small Business strategy from Illinois State University.

With a passion for people and business, Gones dove deep into his field and landed a position with prominent payroll company, ADP. Mark’s work as a District Manager with ADP developed his ability to diagnose internal issues as he worked with small business owners to streamline their operations while reducing risk.

Mark’s passion and skill for consulting led to a position with Lifestyle Lift cosmetic facial rejuvenation, first as an outside Sales Consultant and later as a Regional Sales Trainer, which was a consultative position that enabled Mark to train teams across three different states.

Mark’s capacity as a sales trainer was recognized by Clearchoice. There, he worked from 2014 to 2017 to grow their Midwest Region as a Regional Development Manager. During his tenure, Mark held training sessions with every kind of professional imaginable, including doctors, sales teams, and managers to instill the passion that a Sales Ecosystem is reliant upon.

As an expert in the field with a dynamic set of experiences to call upon, in 2017, Mark took his knowledge and skills to launch his own consulting company called Elevate Consulting LLC. Inspired by an ‘Elevated’ vision for sales training, Mark focuses on sales development informed by psychology and essential communication skills. These fundamentals are incorporated into a consultative sales process aimed at helping your firm thrive.

Denise, CPC

As a Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student at Capella University, Denise Hooks earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Nevada State College.  It was through her education that the importance of authentic connection began to shine through. Her efforts at Elevate are informed by proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that enable psychologists to connect with their patients.

As a native of New York, Denise has been a Las Vegas local since her youth and has dedicated her professional endeavors to giving back to the Las Vegas community. She has worked in the mental health field in Nevada for more than five years, an experience that enabled her to develop the foundation of her knowledge and skills in therapeutic practice. As a leader and advocate within the Nevada community, Denise also heads the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Reform committees for the Human Rights Society.

Due to her expertise and clinical background, Denise’s role partners with Mark in developing the psychological foundation for Elevate’s sales training programs. Through her expertise, Denise is fundamental to the creation of more nuanced content, training, and selling approaches to the consultative sales process.

Kat Marks

As a native from Chicago, Kat had a calling on the West Coast which brought her to Las Vegas. Graduating early from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelors in Graphic Design, her creativity has assisted multiple startup companies in Las Vegas that are currently thriving in the city.

Coming from Managerial and Directing positions in the Staffing and Cannabis industries, Kat’s attention to detail allows her to thrive on making sure all our workshops are well planned and executed.

Due to her drive and passion, she was drawn to stand alongside Mark and Denise to assist in any and all fundamentals of Elevate Consulting.