5 Outdated Sales Tactics You Should Abandon in 2018

Over the years, so much technology has become obsolete and are left to serve as relics of the past. But this doesn’t happen to technology and VHS tapes of classic films, sale techniques also become outdated and are in need of some upgrading. Obsolete sales tactics keep you and your business from staying ahead of the game of success in the business market.

As the new year just finished its first trimester, it’s crucial for you to ditch old and bad selling techniques so you can have the best year in sales to date. Upgrade to effective sales closing tactics to keep your business relevant or whatever term the cool kids are saying these days.

5 Outdated Sales Tactics to Ditch in 2018

When you are going through the sales tactics you have used in your business, are there some which were more effective than others? This time of the year is perfect to re-evaluate your techniques and upgrade to more efficient strategies for sales performance management.

Proving a solution without asking for the problem

So many sales representatives have the mentality of providing an answer to what their potential clients need, and never asking them what exactly they need instead. This old sales technique doesn’t give you as a sales rep to develop a personal understanding of your potential client and use an emotional intelligence technique. Consider asking more about your client’s problems they need solving and revise your method to help them with a solution-based option.

Cold calling to get prospects

Long gone are the days of calling a business out-of-the-blue as it is one of the most outdated sales tactics. It is a waste of your time and the business’ time to cold call, and has the potential to hurt your company’s brand. Warm calling a business who is already familiar with your business helps you develop a stronger relationship. Ditch this lousy selling technique in this new year.

Pushing too hard goes too far

Being a pushy salesman is as old as the first cassette player, and it is an inefficient technique nowadays for making your sales. It is risky for you to continue to give your potential client an unnecessary push to your products or services, as it may damage your reputation with this client for future sales.

Completely sticking to business

When you are just meeting a future client and have no intention to develop a professional relationship with them, you are indeed missing an opportunity and are continuing to use a lousy selling technique. In this modern age, getting to know your clients and their needs helps you strategize your selling points for them.

Lone wolf sales

Selling on your own is officially as obsolete as DVD/VHS players, in this modern era, it’s all about teamwork and team effort. Having a sales team with you helps to develop your sales techniques further. You get feedback and support to be the best at sales you can be, and your team enables you to strategize how to make a winning deal. Ditch the mentality of being alone of your sales and get a supportive group of sales representatives to help you out.

Upgrade Your Outdated Sales Tactics

Elevate Consulting is ready to modernize the way you think about sales management. Our consultative selling process will boost you and your team’s sales performances. Contact us today to begin upgrading your sales techniques.